I am a producing fringe artist. My vision is outside of the norm, always on the fringe, no matter the setting. In these gaps I find the lives and ideas of the overlooked, the underrepresented, and the dismissed.  I work to provide the unseen the space and time to be seen, to be brought into focus. In the last thirty years, I have worked as a performer, then a director, designer, dramaturg, writer, and finally a producer. I love all of these roles but producing suits me best. The process exhilarates me. I love deconstructing concepts and experiences into their most basic components, reframing them, reshaping them with other artists and then sharing them in real time, with the world. This process has allowed me to explore the theatrical world and then to branch out into new and exciting fields including music, advocacy, and education. I want to use this experience, this learned discipline, to affect change in my world, to expose the obscured. This is my art and my passion.


Producing Director, Costume Designer



Dear Possible Audience Member—

My name is Ilana Lydia and I am the author of Droppin’ Johns.  I worked with Kyle Daniel Barrow many years ago while I was in grad school at Utah State.  He was always a joy to work with, and his style of acting caused me to grow as a director.

A few months ago, I sent Kyle a show I had just put on here in Phoenix in May.  Droppin’ Johns is an intensely personal script, and at the same time, one which cannot be considered fully realized until it has a cast and audience.  You see, it ends with the central actress addressing the audience directly, and much of what she has to say was not written by me at all.  The content of the play will be different in each production, as the actress shapes the content based on her own life experiences.  

In its first incarnation, I was both playwright and director.  This was a pleasure to produce, but it did feel a little like cheating.  I knew my own influences, had a definite idea from the beginning about where I wanted it to head.  My actors and design team were great, and challenged me every step of the way.   But it was still an act of me, from me.

With Fringe’s production, I’m looking forward to hearing it on the outside of my head, as it were.  I am honored and humbled to be working with friends on this emotionally challenging piece.  

Thank you for considering coming to see the production!

Ilana Lydia